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CBL Faculty HandbookTerminating an Employee

Associated Policies:

UMCES policy BOR VII-1.22strong - Separation for Regular Exempt Employees

UMCES policy BOR VII-1.30strong> - Layoff For Exempt and Non- Exempt Personnel

There are three potential reasons an employee leaves UMCES. Each are governed by slightly different policies.

Voluntary Separation

This occurs when an employee leaves CBL for career advancement on an entirely voluntary basis. In this condition the following guidelines apply:

  1. Resignation requires a letter of resignation submitted to the CBL HR Office that indicates a termination date. No cause need be given. Note no letter is needed for a GRA position.
  2. All personnel voluntarily separating from the lab are advised that the State requires 2 weeks notice for the termination of health benefits. If the employee fails to give adequate notice, they may be responsible for 1 pay period of health insurance if the benefits are not termed in a timely manner.
  3. All personnel voluntarily separating from their employment are required to give the CBL HR office a minimum of 4 days notice. Please notify HR immediately if employee abandons position without notice.
  4. A final exit interview is required. It should normally be scheduled for the last day of employment. At the interview all University property (keys, laptops etc.) will be turned into the HR Dept. HR will return keys to Maintenance to ensure proper tracking of assigned keys.
  5. Email accounts can be maintained, at the request of the employee, for up to 6 months post separation.

Separation resulting from Termination of Funding This occurs when the funding supporting an employee terminates and no other funding is available. In this condition, the following guideline applies:

Separation resulting from Cause

This occurs when the employee has acted in a way that breaches UMCES policies – such as substance abuse, sexual harassment, scientific misconduct. Separation for cause requires no notification whatsoever and can occur immediately. However, in all such cases, the CBL HR office and Laboratory Director must be involved directly to ensure that all grievance policies are followed appropriately.