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CBL Faculty HandbookBudget Reallocations/No-Cost Extensions
Reallocating funds in an existing award or obtaining additional time to complete the project is usually possible if the process is started sufficiently prior to the termination date of the grant and if there is a reasonable justification. However, sponsoring agencies may have different restrictions. Refer to your summary sheet or contact ORAA or the sponsor for additional information. Contact the Business Office to initiate the process and, for budget reallocations, to assist you in developing the revised budget. Address a letter to the granting agency via the Director of ORAA at Center Administration (with the grant number and the revised reference number, i.e. CBL2014-057e-NSF) explaining and justifying the need for additional time or budget changes. Provide a space for the signatures of the principal investigator, the Laboratory Director, the Director of ORAA, and the sponsoring agency. The last paragraph of this letter should instruct the sponsoring agency to sign the appropriate line and return the letter to the Director of ORAA, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Center Administration, P.O. Box 775, Cambridge, MD 21613-0775. These requests are submitted through the Business Office. A sample letter can be found at: p:\business-office\forms\Reallocation-No_Cost_Extension_Cover_Master_ .doc.