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CBL Faculty HandbookNotice of Intent to Submit a Proposal

When you are first considering the submission of a proposal, complete the Intent to Submit a Proposal form located on the UMCES ORAA page.  We encourage you to submit the NISP as soon as you think you might be submitting a proposal. There is no harm in submitting a NISP and subsequently telling people that you will not be doing so. Amongst other things, the core information the NISP only form will as to provide are the following

The NISP serves to alert ORAA that you plan to submit a proposal and will place you in the queue for submissions to the sponsor.  You will receive an email confirming your submission of intent.

Concurrently, the CBL business office will receive an email indicating your intent to submit a proposal. The business office will provide you the following:

The CBL business office is ready to assist you in all phases of the project. Gus Mercanti and Dana Venneri can help with, and must approve your project budget. Samantha Mais and Jeanette Duran can help with all aspects of the RFP for a range of agencies.