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CBL Faculty HandbookGuidelines for Searching and Interviewing

There are different guidelines for searching for each of the 8 categories of employees. Importantly, please check with Linda Lapera (CBL HR x 365) before placing any advertisement for a new employee (including GRAs), whether placed in a media outlet, on a website, or advertised at a conference. There are important Equal Opportunities regulations that must be followed and recorded. Linda Lapera can assist with legal and best practice advice on how to conduct the search, writing the job advertisement, receiving applications and providing a password-protected site for access to applicant materials. For all positions of Contingent II and higher, intended salaries must be approved by the Gus Mercanti – Associate Director Finance.

Advertising requirements for each employment category are:

  1. GRA N0 posting or advertising required, but it is preferred. Please coordinate with MEES for potential candidates.
  2. Contingent I – No posting or advertising required
  3. FRA, Contingent II and ARS - All such positions shall be advertised, and candidate selection shall be made from the resulting pool of qualified applications. Completed application files for all candidates shall, at the minimum, consist of the following documents:

    a. Current curriculum vitae providing the individual's professional qualifications;

    b. If such exist, one (1) or more examples of publications or abstracts;

    c. 2-3 letters of recommendation from individuals not related to the candidate who are familiar with the individual's professional qualifications, activities, and abilities;

    d. Transcript(s) of undergraduate and/or graduate school records which certify the highest degree earned. *ARS candidates must have PhD level degree in order to qualify for position, no exceptions

  4. Non-exempt- State Funded Staff Position
  5. Exempt – State Funded Staff Position
  6. Volunteer - Volunteer form must be complete and returned to HR prior to start date

Candidates may be invited for interview as part of the evaluation process. Interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Be aware that interview questions must focus on the skills needed to conduct the tasks outlined in the job description. You must keep demographic information on all people who apply and are interviewed. As a Center of the University System of Maryland, UMCES is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, or handicap in its search, appointment, and promotion procedures. While conducting a search for new hire, one must keep in mind the EEOC responsibilities for the category of employee you wish to hire. All staff are employees of the State of Maryland, for legal reasons, no-one can make a formal offer of employment for a potential candidate without having the terms of the offer approved by the Associate Director - Finance or the Lab Director. In some cases, we need approval from Center Administration.

Candidates who are recommended for appointment shall meet the minimum criteria for these ranks listed in the associated policies.

Associated Policies:

UMCES/BOR policy BOR VI-1.00 - Policy on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Full Policy

UMCES policy BOR II-1.00 - Policy on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure of Faculty

UMCES/BOR policy VII-1.01 Policy on Recruitment and Selection of Non-Faculty Full Policy