CBL's Beavan Hall
CBL Faculty HandbookStarting a New Employee

CBL's HR office (Linda Lapera x365) must be informed at least 2 working days prior to a new employee joining the lab. There is essential paperwork that must be filled out by the employee and filed with the State to ensure the employee can receive payment from their first day.

HR will contact the new employee and send them a Welcome Packet that consists of their approved offer letter and new employment paperwork (Health and Retirement Information).

All people working and normally resident at the lab MUST have a Personnel Action Form. This form is completed by the CBL HR office (Linda Lapera x365).

Personnel Action Forms are required for all paid employees – even if they are paid from a non-CBL source. The PAF will indicate the person's position description and salary and % time. This form is the "front-end" of the State Payroll system and the information it contains is essential to establishing the job description, rates of pay and % time for the position. It is also required to support Worker's Compensation and other insurance issues.

Staff who are paid from a non-CBL source, but who are normally resident at CBL (e.g., a GRA supported on a fellowship paid directly to the student, or a ARS supported on a grant at a different campus) will be appointed through a Personnel Action Form with the appropriate title, but with zero salary.

Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Form regardless of hours on campus. A volunteer is someone who is not working at CBL as a part of his or her job description – that is a retiree from Asbury is a volunteer, but a scientist visiting from another institution is working and will require a PAF. If appointment will be longer than a few days, a Non-Paid CBL appointment must be set up in the payroll system. In cases where a volunteer is spending a considerable period of time at the lab, the Director may determine that a PAF is required.

Prior to the new employees first day, their new supervisors will be sent a Check In sheet which is used to determine which campus services the employee will have access to – e.g., building keys, authorized for vehicle use, etc.

The Check In/Out sheer must be returned to CBL –HR by date issued at the bottom of the form. After the Check In/Out Sheet is returned, appropriate office/lab space and keys will be assigned.

All employees (with the exception of volunteers) will be assigned an e-mail address for campus updates etc.