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The first step in accepting students is to ensure that you are on the current UMCES graduate faculty. New faculty are appointed upon request (see STARTING AT CBL). Existing faculty hold 5-year renewable appointments on the graduate faculty. Reappointment requires meeting at least two of the following five standards:

  1. Major responsibility for at least one course at the graduate level, excluding thesis supervision, within the University System of Maryland;
  2. Significant participation in at least three graduate courses, including seminars but excluding thesis supervision, within the University System of Maryland;
  3. Supervision as major professor of at least one student pursuing graduate studies at UMCES;
  4. Membership on at least three examination/advisory committees, excluding those chaired as major professor, of graduate students within the University System of Maryland, at least one of whom must be pursuing graduate studies at UMCES;
  5. Service on the UMCES Graduate Faculty Council, on any committee formally appointed by the Council, or any standing committee established for graduate education at an UMCES Laboratory (Note this currently does not include MEES program committee services or AOS chair positions).

Requests for reappointments are made to the UMCES Vice-President for Education made in coordination with the Director's Office.

This web page contains a collection of policies and informational items that we have found helpful for faculty as they navigate their way at CBL. The information is divided into a series of areas that can be accessed by using the navigation buttons on either side of this central information panel.