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CBL Faculty HandbookGEC Travel Awards

Three times per year the GEC gives out small awards to support graduate student travel to national and international scientific meetings.

Announcement Deadline               Request Period

October 31                                        November  –  February
February 28/29                               March  –  June
June 30                                             July  –  October

The awards are open to all CBL graduate students, regardless of degree program or discipline. There is no limit to the number of times a student can apply and there is no minimum time between applications. The awards are made exclusively to graduate students who are giving an oral presentation or presenting a poster at the meeting they are attending. However, in some cases the GEC has also made awards for travel to special training workshops, provided they directly benefit the student's graduate research. The awards are up to $500 for domestic and up to $750 for foreign destinations, per student. Eligible students are usually guaranteed to receive the award, provided they fulfill the obligations outlined below.

Students who qualify and wish to apply for the University of Maryland Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Award can use a GEC travel award to meet its matching funds requirement. The application form must be signed for approval by the GEC chair; this can be done electronically.

Students applying for travel support during the upcoming request period must supply the following:

  1. A cover letter. This must name the meeting you wish to attend, meeting and/or travel dates, the title and form of your presentation, and the significance of the meeting to your  graduate research.
  2. A travel budget. This may be for the award amount or for the total travel amount. Expenses may include meeting registration and abstract fees, airfare, ground transportation, or personal vehicle miles, airline baggage fees, parking fees and tolls,  accommodation etc. Sharing accommodation with co-attending students is encouraged. Poster printing may NOT be charged to this award.
  3. A letter of support from your advisor. This should state that your advisor supports your wish to attend the meeting and should specify the need for GEC support. Specifically, it should contain an assurance that any expenses exceeding the amount of the GECaward will be covered by your advisor.
  4. An official confirmation from the meeting organizers or session chair that your abstract was accepted for presentation. This can be in the form of an e-mail or letter. The GEC is aware that such confirmation is often sent well after the registration date, so it  can be submitted some time after the other documents.

These materials can be e-mailed to the GEC chair as multiple files. Requesting the advisor letter of support is the responsibility of the student. Students may request expedited processing of their application if the meeting days are shortly after the beginning of the upcoming request period; such requests should be made to the GEC chair.

Upon receiving a GEC travel award, students will be notified via e-mail, with cc-s to the advisor and to the CBL budget office. Recipients must:
• Submit a Travel Authorization Request (TAR) form to the CBL        budget office in advance of travel. The TAR form must specify the        amount that will be charged to the GEC account. Any additional        expenses are the responsibility of the student and his/her advisor        and must be charged to a different account number.
• Give an oral presentation in the CBL Brown Bag Student Seminar        Series, preferably in the series preceding the meeting or in the        one directly following the meeting.