Conference and IVN Rooms



Conference rooms are available for use and/or rental by USM groups for meetings, seminars and business-related programs. Government and non-profit groups may be granted use, if programs relate to the CBL community. All reservations for any groups must be pre-approved by the Associate Director of Administration and Facilities. Reservations are based upon room availability, availability of CBL staff and the needs of the group. Rooms can be set in a variety of set-up and can accommodate various sizes of groups. Most rooms have AV capabilities and some room include interactive video capability.

Requesting a Conference Room

To reserve a room complete the Event and Room Request Form. Provide basic information (date/time/number of people/set-up needs) to confirm a location. If a particular room is required or desired, please include this information in the additional information section of the form. In the event of an immediate need, call Patricia Stebbing at x253 or Stacy Hutchinson at x364.

Follow the directions below to download a particular event calendar:

  • Step 1: Log onto your Google Calendar
  • Step 2: On the left side you will see on top "My Calendars" and on the bottom is "Other Calendars". Beside "Other Calendars" click on the drop down arrow and select "add by URL."
  • Step 3: Copy and paste the desired link below and paste it in the box and select "add calendar."

BFL Conference room:

Mansueti Conference room:

  • Step 4: You will see the calendar under "Other Calendars" as the URL. Change the name to anything you would like (ie Conference Rooms) by selecting the arrow next to the calendar and click on settings to change the name located in the first box. Make sure you click save.

For those of you not familiar with Google Calendar, you may want to click out of your personal calendar to only view this calendar; otherwise, your "My calendar" and this calendar will be combined.

The CBL Conference calendar will automatically update when there is a change in SchoolDude. You can now view what is going on in the conference rooms with a click of your mouse.

Requesting IVN

To request IVN, go to the CBL intranet portal page and click on “schedule IVN.” Follow prompts. If you are not a registered IVN user, you will need to register. Contact Elissa Lee at x347 for assistance.


Coffee, tea, water and other refreshments are available upon request. There is a charge for this service. Services should be requested at time of scheduling.

Available Facilities:

Bernie Fowler Laboratory – 121 Williams Street

  • Seminar room 1101 – (IVN and full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 85
  • Meeting room 1123 – (full/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 8
  • Houde Classroom 1120 – (IVN and full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 12 in classroom set-up only

Mansueti – 146 Williams Street – temporarily unavailable

  • Classroom 1 (IVN and full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 8 in classroom set-up only

Coastal Technologies – 144 Charles Street

  • Large open area for meetings or meal functions (AV capabilities) maximum capacity of 45

Saunders House – 140 Charles Street

  • Conference room 1 – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 15
  • onference room 2 – maximum capacity of 8

R.V. Truitt Laboratory – 129 Williams Street

  • Boynton Conference room – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 12
  • Conference Room 2 – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 20

Parish House – 180 Farren Avenue

  • Conference room 1 – maximum capacity of 10

Nice Hall – 121 Williams Street

  • Open Collaboration Area – (full AV/web capabilities) maximum capacity of 60


  • All catering must be purchased by the scheduling group. (see attached list of caterers.) Coffee/tea/water service is available for $2.50 per person, per service if facilities staff is available (during normal work hours.)

Usage Fees

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