CBL IT Infrastructure

The facility maintains a high speed link into the UMATS/MDREN University of Maryland network which itself provides not only inter-campus connections but as well provides connectivity to the commercial internet ("I1") and high speed university backbone ("I2"); the facility here also maintains a backup connection to UMATS/MDREN as a failover should the primary one be compromised. A state of the art firewall with IPS capability sits between the UMATS/MDREN links and the facility backbone LAN. This campus backbone is gigabit and 10 gigabit fiber optic connectivity between buildings and 10/100/1000Mb ethernet within the buildings to the workstations shared between administrative, academic, and telephone services with our CISCO based VoIP phone system. This network is also key to providing connectivity to the UM video teleconferencing system ("IVN") as well as support for ZOOM and SKYPE. Email and group document collaboration has been outsourced to Google under the UMCES.EDU domain; all UMCES faculty, staff, and students are provided access to this resource. Aside from the UMCES GMAIL access, you will also be issued internal CBL specific data access credentials which provide access to the campus WiFi system (pervasive throughout the facility with some bleed out into the surrounding grounds), the Kyocera Network print management system (library), and the EDUROAM consortium when travelling abroad for those institutions that provide this service. Other data network access to the internal facility network (campus cloud) from the outside is provided by VPN authenticated with these same internal CBL credentials. Primary VPN access is available primarily by way of the freely available CISCO AnyConnect software with legacy support using CISCO IPSEC Group-Tunnel for APPLE devices with built in support for this protocol. The internal CBL intranet website (http://intranet.cbl.umces.edu) provides FAQ's that cover installation and setup for all of these services.