Key IT Servers

EMAIL: Email is provided through contract with Google. Those who have an existing gmail account will be familiar with CBL's email platform.

“P” Drive: A completely open collaborative document exchange server (known to the users here as the "P:" server). This is an unauthenticated resource read/write to all within the campus or via VPN from the outside.

Moodle: UMCES maintains a MOODLE system to provide content for the courses we teach. If you do not have an account on our Moodle platform, please contact Dan Janzen or phone 410-326-7345.

Library Server: A library documents server which contains thesis and scanned reference documents. This resource is also unauthenticated and read only to all at the facility available both on your PC/MAC and via the web (local campus access only or via VPN).

Facwebsvr: A faculty web server for those who wish to maintain larger presences on the WWW but do not wish to maintain their own web server hardware (use greatly encouraged over maintaining one’s own hardware for security reasons). A site maintained DROPBOX server for the exchange of larger documents and datasets between the local users here and outside collaborators.

Backup: A facility wide backup server which provides weekly "pull" type backup services for registered workstation clients (service available on a request basis through the director's office of the facility). All but the DROPBOX server above are backed up nightly in an automated fashion 5 days a week with offsite storage. The contents of the site-wide workstation/client backup server is copied to the aforementioned external SAN system weekly as well (no hand carried media).