Searching and Interviewing

All new positions on campus must be announced through Human Resources. Every position shall be posted by the Human Resources Coordinator (HRC) for a minimum of two weeks and must be advertised in two required sites (UMCES website and Maryland Workforce). Only Contingent I positions (hourly contracted positions) do not require posting before candidate selection. Human Resources must still be notified as soon as possible once a candidate is selected for a Contingent I position.

I. All requests for new positions should have a copy of the draft ad for posting and should be emailed to the HRC. If help is needed in creating an ad for a position, the HRC will draft an ad for review by faculty. Sample ads are available. Once the ad is finalized and approved by faculty, the ad must be submitted to the Center Admin Human Resources Director (CA HRD) for final approval to ensure that all required legal components are included in the body of the ad. The ad will be posted on the required sites for the duration specified by the faculty/supervisor with a minimum of two weeks for any posting.

II. Any additional sites where faculty wish to advertise can be given to the HRC or posted by individual faculty. If there are costs involved in posting, the HRC should place the ad and pay with their State credit card for documentation purposes. Faculty should provide appropriate grant numbers for cost allocation of ads.

III. A folder will be established in MOODLE for the applicant’s documents (CV, Cover letter, etc.) to be stored. The MOODLE account will be set up with one reviewer or multiple reviewers as requested by the faculty/supervisor. In some cases, faculty may request that all applications just be forwarded to them by email rather than establish a MOODLE account.

IV. Applicant files will be added to Moodle as they are received by Human Resources.

Foreign Citizenship Processing

These procedures apply to all foreign nationals coming to campus whether they are on payroll or not (visiting scholars). CBL is responsible for obtaining proper documentation for all foreign individuals operating on campus.

I. Preliminary information should be collected from the potential employee regarding foreign status and provided to the CA HRD or the HRC for verification and confirmation of acceptable status for the position. The HRC will obtain confirmation from the CA HRD. No job offers can be made to foreign nationals without first consulting the HRC.

II. Foreign Citizenship processing must be complete on any candidates arriving on an H1-B, J-1, F-1, F-1OPT visa. Once the position has been accepted, citizenship paperwork must be originated either at CBL by the HRC or, depending on the type of VISA, at Center Administration by the HRD. Due to the extensive changes taking place in processing foreign applicants, faculty should provide as much information as early as possible to ensure that a potential employee can be processed in the appropriate time frame. Faculty should notify the HRC before an offer is made to a candidate to ensure that all foreign guidelines are met.

a. If the employee is foreign, confirm with the CA HRD whether F-1, J-1 or H-1B status paperwork is assigned. Foreign employees will be entered into PHR with a temporary social security number. Once the employee has received a social security card, a copy must be sent to the CA HRD to update PHR.

III. UMCES has launched a new system for processing all foreign nationals either employed or volunteering on campus. Each new employee/visitor will receive an email form Cara Diggs (College Park) with an ID and password that will allow individuals to set up their account in Glacier and will provide a summary and list of documents that must be returned to HRC. Any questions regarding this processing can be directed to HRC.