This section deals with traveling on UMCES business. There are three sections

  1. Travel Authorization
  2. Making travel reservations
  3. Travel Expenses and required documentation


  1. Is a Travel Approval Request (TAR) required?

A Travel Approval Request is used when planning any trip that requires you to stay away overnight, even if you remain in the state. A TAR is also required if you have travel reimbursable expenses that you want charged directly to your grant – e.g., conference registration fees, airfares.

You should follow these steps also if someone else is paying for you to travel – because if you are hurt or ill while away from the lab, if you have filled in paperwork you will only be covered by Workman’s Compensation if you have completed appropriate forms.

The TAR needs to be completed by the traveler in an online system and sent to administration for approval prior to the trip date. Prior to filling in the TAR, you will need to know what grant number will be used to pay for the trip. If someone else is covering your costs for an overnight trip, you will be filing in a TAR “for insurance purposes only” (IPO). In this case you use a lab account number (07-1-335100) in place of your grant number. Please note: TAR’s that are for IPO are intended for work related trips only. IPO’s used for personal trips will not be approved. If using Start-Up Accounts for travel it must be approved by Dr. Miller prior to submitting the TAR.

Getting Started on Travel Approval Requests (TAR)

If you have never been registered in the travel system, please contact Theresa Holloway /phone 410-326-7248 or Stacy Hutchinson /phone 410-326-7364 to get access to the travel forms in ARES prior to proceeding with TAR request.

Step 1: Log into ARES (See Electronic and Access My Forms to the left of screen)

Click on Electronic Forms

Click on Access My Forms

Then click on NEW FORM located at the top left hand corner of your screen. Under Center for Environmental Science forms select Travel Approval Request. Click on each tab at the top of your screen to fill out the detailed information of your trip.

Click on this guide for a screen shot on how to complete a TAR. When the TAR is completed, please send it to your PI who is sponsoring your trip, Jeannette Duran and Dana Venneri for approval. This is done by selecting their names in the SEND drop down list. You can add names here as well. Once the TAR is approved, a trip number will be assigned by the system. Keep the trip number as your reference when it comes time for travel reimbursement (see section on travel expenses and required paperwork). At this time you can now make your travel arrangements. Your travel representative for booking your accommodations is Nicole Craft; 410-326-7260 or Jeannette Duran ; 410-326-7263.


2. How do I start my travel plans?

A TAR must be submitted and approved prior to making travel accommodations and registering for a conference. TAR's that have not been submitted or approved will delay the process in proceeding with booking your travel.

Airline Reservations:

Please research the flight itinerary you prefer and forward a screen shot of the flight schedule to your travel representative. Make sure the dates of travel and the airline flight numbers are included. Email the travel representative with your full name as listed on your driver license, your date of birth, your cell phone number and email address to be contacted by the airline in case of delay or cancellation. If you are flying internationally the same information applies with the exceptionthat your name needs to appear as it is on your passport. The travel representative will charge the airline costs to the grant indicated on the approved TAR.

Hotel Reservation:

Please research the hotel you prefer and forward the link to your travel representative. Include the check in and check out date of your stay. Hotel Confirmation will be emailed to you for your records. The travel representative will charge the airline costs to the grant indicated on the approved TAR.

Conference Registration:

The registration link can be forwarded to the travel representative to complete payment. If more information is required with the registration, please make arrangements with your travel representative so that you can make arrangements to log into the conference website to complete payment information.


A Travel Expense Statement is used for reimbursement once your trip is complete. If a TAR was initially used, you would enter the trip number to the TES to link the trips together. Original itemized receipts are needed in order to be reimbursed. Exceptions may apply for per diem meals. TES can be entered without a TAR in certain circumstances. Please contact Jeannette Duran or Nicole Craft for further details. Click on this guide for a screen shot on how to fill out a TES. When the TES is complete and sent to Jeanette Duran or Nicole Craft, they will review and sen to Stacy Hutchinson at CBL or Gerri Moore at Center Administration for approval.

3. How do I get reimbursed?

In many circumstances the travel and accommodations will be put on the travel representative card, but if you are booking the accommodations on your own, you must provide original receipts when a TES is submitted. These receipts include: hotel itemized checkout receipt, confirmed flight itinerary showing payment was made from your card, baggage receipts and a copy of your boarding pass even if you use your smart phone at the gate). If renting a car, we will need original receipt and gas receipts when car is returned. If a personal vehicle is used, then only mileage will be reimbursed. Please go to map quest to calculate your mileage. Rate for mileage is indicated in the TES form. We will need receipts for ground transportation such as taxi cab, tolls, and shuttle receipts.

The only thing that can be submitted without a receipt is the per diem meals.

If receipts are not presented, there will be a delay in processing your reimbursement.

If you are on payroll the reimbursement will be funded directly within the scheduled pay cycle. If you are not on payroll the reimbursement check is processed and mailed to your home address from College Park, MD and will take 4 to 6 weeks estimated mail time.

Any questions please contact Nicole Craft 410-326-7260 or Jeannette Duran; 410-326-7263.