Travel Approval Request (TAR)

A Travel Approval Request (TAR) is needed prior to university travel. The responsibilities of the traveler and business office personnel are outlined in the process below.

        • A TAR is not required for local travel (DC Metropolitan area) unless it involves an overnight stay.
        • Travelers should work with the Business Office on travel arrangements, including allowable departure and return dates, ensuring reasonable and appropriate rates taking advantage of discounts (see website listed above for discounts with suppliers such as Amtrak, car rental agencies, etc.
          • Airfare should utilize the least expensive logical fare via the most direct route.
          • If traveling using an authorized travel agency, the traveler should coordinate with the agency directly.
        • Travelers should work with the Business Office on all bookings to minimize large reimbursements; our default is to book early and pre-pay as many expenses as possible!

TAR Overview:

          1. Traveler completes a TAR via the ELF system and routes the form to Cheri (Renee) Reamy (prior to the anticipated start date of travel). The TAR should include all costs associated with the trip (including conference fees)
          2. The TAR is reviewed and approved by the Business Operations Manager (Theresa); If the travel is foreign, the TAR will be routed to ORAA for final approval. The traveler will receive an email notification of approval
          3. After TAR approval, the traveler can begin working with the Business Office to secure lodging, flights, conference registrations, etc.
          4. Conference registration deadlines should be planned accordingly when entering your TAR to ensure that the Business Office has enough time to review prior to securing your slot.

TAR Process:

TAR (Travel Approval Request)

1. Log into ARES

2. Electronic Forms

3. Access My Forms

4. New Form

5. Travel Approval Request (TAR) -- CES

Go in order, do not skip tabs, fill out all * areas

Traveler Tab

1. Traveler Name & SS#

2. Department – CBL

3. Contact Info – Person Preparing TAR

4. Travel Agency - Select

Travel Tab

1. Dates of Travel

2. Origin Code (Airline) (Driving ***) (Train ###)

3. Destination Code (Airline) (Driving ***) (Train ###)

4. Purpose of Travel

5. Confirmation Statement (must be checked)

6. Confirm “Fly America”

Meal Detail Tab

1. Meal Allowance Detail – Select Meal Grid “OK” or modify

Costs Tab

1. KFS# - Enter valid account number

2. Object Code - Select from drop down menu

3. Estimate Travel Costs

Travel Approval Request.pdf

KFS Account Numbers:

State Accounts:

Add a “1” to the front of the 5-digit account number and a “0” at the end

Revolving Accounts:

Add a “2” to the front of the 5-digit account number and a “0” at the end

Grant Accounts:

Add a “4” to any 5-digit grant number beginning with a “3” (state, local, private) and a “0” at the end

Add a “5” to any 5-digit grant number beginning with a “2” (federal) and a “0” at the end

All TAR’s for insurance purposes only should use account: 1335100

The chart number should always be 07 for UMCES accounts

Comments Tab

          1. Complete as needed (i.e. IPO only, Travel is being covered by Sponsor, GEC Award Recipient, funding source distribution if multiple accounts, etc.)

Form Complete

          1. Check for errors
          2. Modify Description to: TAR CBL – Traveler’s Name, Dates of Travel (i.e. TAR CBL - Theresa Holloway 3/1/19 - 3/5/19)
          3. Send to:
              • Click Change
              • Click Add Addressee
              • Search for Renee’s information - Last Name: Reamy, First Name: Ch
              • Once her name populates, select “Add this user”
              • Click OK

4. Select Send (Green traffic light)